Thursday, August 1, 2019

Why SO MANY Super-hot days?

When we think of climate change, it is often termed trying to keep it less than 2 degrees of change. We are at 1 (or 1.5) right now.  ONE degree of change doesn’t seem like much (even 1 Celsius, which is about 2 in real degrees).

But those numbers are averages. AND as you move the averages, the extremes move even more. The graph below explains it.

And, those are world wide averages. Greenland has seen days in winter soar 50 or 70 degrees above normal for a week or two. Alaska is having massive wildfires, and they have no way to handle them. Permafrost - that is defined as ground frozen for thousands of years - is being thawed out. It ruins roads, land, homes AND releases a ton more greenhouse gases (trust me on this).

I did love in the DEM debates, someone suggested moving to high ground now. Funny.  And unfortunately, true.

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