Monday, August 12, 2019

Men's Gymnastic Team 2019 - The Face of America

Watching the Men's Gymnastic Tournament yesterday made me happy. Not just because they are so freaking amazing, although they are. And not just because they were so happy to be there, although that helped.

It reminded me that America has a look. And that look is not White Nationalism. That look is a diverse and happy country. Sure, assholes can try to challenge that look. They can rail against Mexicans as rapists, African-Americans as an infestation, mock the accents of Asian-Americans. And then there are people that aren't our President that can be just as bad. But fuck them.

Look at this team. It is a team of Americans from colleges and training camps around the country. And they are happy for each other, thrilled to be the face of the United States and it makes me fucking happy.

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