Friday, August 23, 2019

Last Night at the US Open

From left: Adam Rippon (Gold Medal figure skating), Brian Vahally( tennis), two lovely women from tennis doubles who are lovers (I cannot pronounce there names. I think Dutch) Jason Collins (first out basketball player), Billie Jean King, Billy Bean (baseball) and the announcer (who's very nice, but who's name I forget)

Last night the US Open had a Pride event. That is, they hosted a panel discussion about the changing norms of being gay and being allowed to play professional sports. It was a fascinating talk, and I got to meet some very cool people afterwards,

 It was cool and afterward we meet some people we look up to.
Us with Adam Rippon

Jason, Billie and Billy
Patrick Galbraith the USTA President (and a UCLA Bruin)
Jason Colins is very tall   

Eddie and I

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