Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Hyenas are NOT the most lovable animal in the wild. They are ugly, have a bit of a weird lopping gait, and because they are in the big cat family, not dog, they start eating their kill while it is still alive. But in other ways, they are pretty dog-like. In particular the spotted hyena, which is what these pictures are.

They look like dogs, but are in the group, FELIFORM

Mother with a young

They live in groups and we found several groups on our safarii. By far the largest had taken over a watering hole. They hunt at night, but here, in a large group with a lot of young, they spend their days lolling around, while the young played grab-ass.

Even though they are more related to felines, the mimic CANINES in family group and morphology

The first day, they were a little wary. But after the wildebeests' migration came through, they were fat and happy. Easy to watch.
Spotted Hyenas kill their prey (unlike more stripped and southern hyenas that are scavengers)

And, after a while, a kind of stark beauty is about them.
Blood from last night's kill. And a hugely extended stomach (vs. top pics)

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