Thursday, July 18, 2019

What The Absolute Fuck!

Troops to Saudi Arabia?!? And they are going, technically, to help protect the Saudis from Iranian aggression.

For. Fuck's Sake.

Let's look at the stupidity of this.

First. The Iranians aren't threatening the Saudis. They are lashing out against the United States which has as its stated goal, destroying the Iranian economy.

Second. Trump's administration wants to start talking and will accept discussions based on the originally Iranian Deal that Trump killed (because Obama did it). Had Trump not screwed the pooch and left that deal, there would be no "tensions".

Third. The ONE thing that definitively kicked off the current US / Al Qaeda / War on Terror/ Attack on the Twin Towers current shit show is that the Saudi Arabia was allowing infidels in The Holy Land (i.e. Saudi Arabia).  So we are set now to kick off problems with all sects of Muslims.

Fourth. A vastly rich country, which has purchased billions of dollars of weapons does not need America to protect it. Don't they have a cast of cartoon villains, fresh from killing a Washington Post journalist, hanging around ready to define themselves with our latest bombers and a bone saw?

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