Saturday, June 22, 2019

Looking Back at 1996 - Ed's Arrival

Eddie and I were watching an episode of "Lucifer" last night, and got a great look at Hollywood and the road system.  We got nostalgic. Here was Ed's welcome kit to California.

A car-duster - this is (really) the Pacific Coast Car Duster (R). No where it rains, this might not make sense, but it doesn't rain a lot in LA, so we have big car dusters. Ed laughed, but used it almost immediately after a Griffith Park fire near his work where the ash fell light a light snow.

A Thomas Guide. Yes kids, before Google Maps and Waze, you had to look up where you were going in a map. And LA, Orange County was so dense we all had to use Thomas Guides.  Bonus pic below that shows page 49. Lynn used to live in the C 4/5 area. I dated someone in A2 for a long time (he was okay, but the beach access was worth it.)

Finally, the Fountain Freeway. A relic - probably now destroyed by speed traps and red light cameras, Fountain Blvd between La Cienega and Vine was a stretch of road that was speed posted at 35, but if you went 45 you could hit all the lights AND avoid he traffic of Santa Monica Blvd (below) and Sunset Blvd (above).

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  1. I do miss L.A. but I mostly miss the three of us in L.A.


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