Friday, June 7, 2019

"I Get Why It's Hotter, but Why Wetter?"

Somethings changing make sense, other things - like super wet weather - don't make sense right off. That is the thing with climate change. It isn't a uniform change.

Why are some places so much wetter than they used to be? Well, warmer air is able to hold a lot more moisture. That's why hurricanes air around the Caribbean so much.  Warm air picks up a lot of water in the Caribbean then dumps it on land.  With MUCH wetter air, the hurricanes are more powerful and hold more water and hold it longer.

"But then why is desertification happening in the south of the Sahara desert and in our own Western States?" Well, the air is a lot warmer, but it can't pull water from the ocean if it can't get there. Our Western states are blocked by the Sierra Nevadas and then the Rocky Mountains. But changes in the wind patterns have allowed new jet streams to by-pass these western areas and dump tons of rain in the mid-west.

Climate change is fucking up lots and lots of areas.

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