Monday, May 13, 2019

Two Stepping to War

If Saudi Arabia, UAE and Israel (along with John Bolton) have their way we going to war with Iran. I think the theory is, bomb them before they get a nuc. Now, why keeping Iran from getting a nuc, while allowing North Korea to keep their’s make sense is beyond me.

Of course, North Korea, and our President’s big wet kiss to them, will propel Iran into developing weapons. The examples point out that nuclear development is the only sane path.

Libya dropped their nuclear development process and was over-thrown. Iraq suspending their nuclear development process - and was attacked and overthrown. North Korea (and India and Pakistan) finished developing the bombs and are accepted into the “community of nations”.

The “attacked” ships reported by Saudi Arabia and UAE are being attributed to Iran (despite an explosion at a UAE facility a few days ago - and a denial of the explosion). And we seem to follow the leads from these countries more than our traditional allies - who are still trying to make the Iranian deal work.

We have a security advisor (John Bolton) who has advocated for war with Iran for decades (at least). We have a Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo) that is actively anti-Iran. Our President wants to undo anything Obama did (the Iran Deal) and do anything Israel wants us to do - and Bibi hates the Iran deal.

War with Iran should be a decision actively made, not a reflexive response to a ginned up provocation.

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