Sunday, May 26, 2019

A Matter of Perspective

Jon Voight called President Trump the greatest President since Lincoln.

Now from MY perspective, that statement is objectively nincompoopery. But I value truth, upholding American ideals and rule of the law in a President.

If we assume Jon Voight isn't just trolling us, Mr. Voight conceivably be said to be correct based on HIS perspective. Jon Voight values his money (which Trump passed a tax-cut for the rich to support), hate liberals that make fun of him (whom Trump pisses off) and hates a woman's right to choose control over her own body (and there - Trump has appointed hundred of judges that agree with Voight and the President).

So it is a matter of perspective. If you are a rich old white guy who thinks women should be barefoot and pregnant -Trump is a great President. If you happen to be a rich old white man who controls a company that is a major polluter, you problem think Trump is better than Lincoln.


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