Sunday, April 14, 2019

Totally Jealous of my Brother-In-Law

I am not usually a jealous sort... (What? I'm not!)

But I am totally jealous o my husband's brother Phil. He got to go the final 4 in basketball AND a friend of his (Tony Bennett) coached the winning team.

Phil knew Tony since high school as his dad hired Tony's dad to be coach at UW - Steven's Point. And they have stayed friends.

Phil got to see Tony's Virginia Team play in Charlottesville (an amazing city that Ed doesn't really want to go to) AND then saw Virginia play and win the Final Four.

For those of you not in the states, that is a huge ass deal.

I have also been to a final four. I saw UCLA come t.h.i.s c.l.o.s....e to winning, but lose (to Louisville!) There are few things like the excitement of a final four. And to be connected to the winner's, I mean connect like friend of the coach, that is something.

And it didn't help that my team sucked air so bad this year we didn't even make the playoffs. And didn't deserve to.

So, congrats Phil.  Maybe now you can ride this and stop riding those decade's old Rose Bowl wins to make fun of me.  :-)

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