Friday, April 19, 2019

The Vessel and The Shed

I went to see a show yesterday at "The Shed". It is a new theater in Hudson Yards, where the roof slides open for open air concerts.  Here are the pictures (all pics are mine from Thursday).

The grey pillowy roof is "The Shed" a performance space / art gallery / attempt to build a community at The Hudson Yards - a rather souless mall.

As you can see, it is upstaged by The Vessel, an architectural staircase designed as a point of interest / instagram  monument. And it works, it is very shiny, relatively busy and striking.  My guess is it will not stay that way, it's pretty much a one and done visit, but New York gets enough tourists it may be okay.
Anyway, it was interesting and marginally busy for a Thursday evening.  As for the show, oy, I'll post later, but the site is interesting.

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