Thursday, April 11, 2019

Odd Time To Be BiPolar In this Reality

It is a very odd period in history to be bi-polar. I have always had a bit of a problem with Reality (with a capital R). Off and on, over my many many years, I have thought my “life” was some odd test. I assumed that most people weren’t real, and actions were not random, but instead intentionally cruel and designed to judge my (human) reactions.  This is because the “handlers / aliens” didn’t have emotions and had to research them.  Putting me in hyper-stressful, painful and deadly situations helped them to collect this data. It was the only way I had to make sense of it all.

This general assumption on why life was fucked up has been mitigated over the years by the love of friends and Eddie. AND by the introduction of some fairly good meds. I have been generally mentally stable for a few decades.

But  now! Now our country’s conservative base has embraced Russia, China and North Korea. Our nation’s religious base has embraced a braggart adulterer that pays off porn stars he had sex with while his wife was at home with a new-born. States are debating the death penalty for women who find it necessary to terminate their pregnancies. The chief law enforcement officer is engaging in conspiracies. Scientists are belittled and charlatans held up as experts on climate, women’s bodies, pollution, evolution, aerospace and vaccinations.

And that is just our country! Hungary is claiming a Holocaust victim is a Nazi. Israel is declaring non-Jews aren’t people. Poland longs for the good old days of communism. The Russian church is giving sainthood to the Romanovs, leaders so bad they inspired a revolution. England is trying to untie the Brexit knots they tied by blindfolding themselves. Venezuela, the country, is committing suicide by stupidity. A growing number of countries (Uganda, Brunei, Saudi Arabia) have decided that killing people based on who they love is the answer to a question I can’t even hear.

It is like the aliens have decided just fucking with me isn’t enough. Welcome to my world everyone. Turn off the lights when you leave.

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