Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Obama’s Day

I was listening to a comic talk about Obama’s Day before a White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

President Obama and Michelle and got up, flew to Alabama to talk to hurricane victims - then to Cape Kennedy to talk to employees- then grave a commence speech in Miami - then went to the Correspondents Dinner that night. THEN they went home, but Obama stays up and killed Bin Laden.

Now, let’s compare to our Very Special Genius President. He rolls out of bed at 3AM, snorts some Aderal and mainlines Jeanne Perrino and tweets until it’s time for his big boy bowel movement where he spends quality time on the crapper and tweets his hate relationships out (McCain, Muller and Shift), then it’s Fox and Friends time and he can use his crayons. It’s sugar comma until noon when he had to read / listen to a one pager one the stage of the world. Then he walks out on the driveway and tells a few lies before buttoning up with Whoppers and fries in a food comma - whines at Melania, locks out  the secret service and call Sean Hannity to whine.

Every third day, it’s golf time.

Pete Buttigieg has plenty of experience.

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