Thursday, March 14, 2019

Of Course I Couldn't Stay Away

So I am back. Why?

Because I enjoy it.  A few changes:

  1. No Trump stuff. They are literally* watching and screwing with my ability to travel, so that's a hard pass. I enjoy traveling more than I enjoy bitching about Trump.
  2. To you, a friend and reader, it means little, but this site no longer an open and discoverable blog.  That means anyone can access it - it is not locked, but you can't stumble on it randomly.  That random discovery process lead the old blog to have over a million visitors and be too prominent for the government for my comfort.
  3. Maybe some longer posts (they will always have a --more-- button so you don't have to read) for my own enjoyment.
  4. Back to more goofy posts that aren't political, because they make me laugh.
  5. I may play with format more, because, why not?

* Literally in this case means the actual term literally, not literally as in "not literally". Clear as mud?

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What is too much Taylor Swift

 This much ... when the singer is used to send a message about POSSIBLE future problems?